Second Month :)
Friday, February 1, 20133:11 AM

It's the first day of February 2013

I'm sitting in front of my laptop thinking what to write
If I'm not updating my blog, Xin Xin is going to remove me from her blog friend's list!
I'm not going to let that happen! :D

Last year was a great year for me!
Met someone special :D <3 span="">
Learnt lots of things! *lessons

Things to do:
Get flying colors results in SPM!!!
Keep HIM as my last boyfriend! hehe
Won't lost Xin Xin...aiya, I wont lost her! haha
Say :"I MISS U!" to Ah Chai everytime I see him!
Don't get angry easily! ;D

I will try continue blogging :)

Life is full of challenge!
Tuesday, April 10, 20124:36 AM

My life is tiring....but...I can still feel those little happiness around me...I'll cherish them ALL!

We can now count our averange marks for 2012 first examination by ourself d....
I'm glad that my marks are still okay...I can accept them...

To angel shasha,
You're great!
You can do it better, I know that!
Just do ur best like how you 坚持跑步 for many many rounds....
There's sure be hard, I know...but...U should double up pur effort!

God damn you!
U're so so so serious!!!
I won't talk to you again until u talk to me first!
Maybe there's no point for us to be friends anymore, huh...?

Actually, I'm not very very okay about my results...haiz..矛盾.XD
I should do better!
Kinda work hard these few days but YJ is so so so much 努力thn me...
And...his brain are so active...think fast! his speed is way too fast for me to chase.  =(
I won't compare wif him...I'll just do my best! I promise myself!

To dearest Xin Xin!
Miss you! I wanted to talk to you...a lot....
Sry for not finding you these few days...was kinda busy....
You'll forgive me, i know it...hehe

The happiest thing in these few days is.......
I finally changed my place!!!
Thanks 白老师 for letting me to change my place! =)
My new neighbours are Dominick, Chen Tao, Li An, Sha and many many of them!!!!
My surroundings are full of good friends! =)
kinda touching la...
I finally can study happily! =D
*It's not like what you think!
U said that those sitting behind are not even studying, YOU're WRONG!
They did study, okay...dont always think that ppl wont study....

I LOVE & LIKE today's 辅导节!!!
It was so FUN!!!!!
Teacher asked us to play a game,
We were divided into 6 groups and we have to sing out songs with lyrics of 'LOVE' and 'LIKE'....
Our group were the winner! XD
We stand up together and sang out loud! hehehe
Group members: me, sha, Li An, Xing Yan, CJ, Yu Jie, Christian, Chai,Dom....
We sang: The bunny song, Withney houston- I will always love you, 老鼠爱大米. JB- Baby....hehe

I love my new seat!
Cool friends around~
We will study hard and Play hard together!!!

One day, I'll have courage to tell you that I still like you.

The bball team! =)
Friday, February 24, 20126:10 PM

The day before zon bangsar...
I vomited because of not eating before the training...><
Thanks unni, pei yi, zhi wen...^^
When I'm going home...Xi man shouted at me...
I was shocked....
She said:" Belinda,  你okay吗?" 
I was really really shocked! 

Ytd, the first match of zon bangsar!
Kuen Cheng vs Bandaraya....
It was fun!
Learnt lots of things....XD
林老师 praised me....今天打得不错....XD 
After the match....some of us didnt went back to class and went to the canteen...XD
Jokes around...hahahaha
We  went to the old com class and saw lots of funny comments at the wall...XD
We played until the last period of class...
原来Yi Xin 也是很好认的....只是有点酷罢了....hehe

On the way to Cikgu Chia's ttn...
Saw Yi Xin across the road...
We(me and unni) waved with her with a big smile...
She did that too...
It's like we know each other for a long time...

It's a very tiring day...but FUN!

The thing I always worry about- My examination....
I'm going to Bali the week before exam...><


Another week.
Saturday, February 18, 20125:26 AM

It's a great week!!!!
Monday to Thursday...kuok lip went to bball inter zone competition...
Changed my place...heheh
Beside Li Sha, Yang Yang, Xin Yann, Yong Jie, Tze Chang.
Yong Qiang made me laugh a lot...hahaha
It's fun sitting behind...^^
Thanks guys...I had a great week!
Friday and today...
Yang Yang was absent...Sat at her place these two days...
Had Great time with all of them...^^

6 more days and It's my big day! XD
under 18 inter zone bball competition! =D
I'm gonna do my best!!!!

Killed by today's phy small test...T^T

It's all wrong.
Saturday, February 11, 20126:26 AM

My life....
It's a wrong.
I fell like I'm not who I am...
Who am I?
In my mind...there's just full of problems....
Problems that can't be solve....

3 days before the stupid valentines day....
same as last year...I cried...
Hahaha....useless me.

I fell lonely....
I know...there's someone cares about me.....
but....I fell like something important is missing...
I don't want to get involve in it...but I need it....
Wad the....wad am I talking about....haha

I promise myself not to cry after today! 

It's a wrong falling in love with XXX
I shouldn't be in a relationship with you...
and...I shouldn't fall in love with you...

All right, all these stupid things make me insane!!!!

I can't let myself relax....><
All these books.....
I hate you all!!!!!

Basketball is my LIFE!
Monday, February 6, 20122:31 AM

Went Cempaka this morning...^^
Miss there so much!!!! XD
We're there for a friendly match with Seri Puteri...hehe
It was fun!!!
Sweat a lot...XD
I love playing with every Kuen Cheng High School bball member! 
I played under 18 and under 15...XD
I told my parents to fetch me at 10++ end up....It ends at 12++

The only happiness is to play BASKETBALL!!!
I do enjoy a lot...^^

and blah blah blah....lots of ppl said tat girls playing bball are rough....
/.\  wadever....XD


There's no happy ending.
Saturday, February 4, 20123:56 AM

Didn't use the com for so many days.
Very busy with my study....
I still hate the com project...I tried to make myself to like it...but...I cant..!

I hate it!
I hope that I didn't on the com today....
I saw many things that I dislike....
Am I in a relationship?
A funny question.
Do I look like I am..?
What makes you think I am?
U're the one who is in a relationship.
Why did you ask me?
You don't even care about it.

I knew the truth....
U're just playing wof me...
Playing with a relationship?
U're always around me...
I dont want....
I don't hate you but you make me feel uncomfortable.

I'm such a failure....
There's nothing going right here....
I shouldn't fall in love with both of you...

It was a great day until just now when I switch on my com.....


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